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Making the Smart Choice

Capital Centric is the restaurant specialist that helps your business create the best customer experiences, while saving time and driving revenue.

  • Guaranteed Best Product

    As the UK’s only dedicated specialist, we provide the best variety of restaurants to help you create the perfect customer product.

    • We have the widest range of quality, from small independent pubs to Michelin starred restaurants and everything in between
    • We have the best choice of cuisines and styles of restaurant
    • We accommodate groups of all sizes, from small VIP private dining to groups over 400
    • We have specialist knowledge across the mainland UK
    • We cover every meal: breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea and dinner
  • Unbeatable Service

    Working in partnership with your departments, we use our unique network of contacts and connections to create the perfect dining experience for every type of guest.

    • We have over 50 years of experience and have access to all the inside contacts
    • We’re known for our impeccable customer service and are available 24/7, ensuring you have complete peace of mind over all your bookings
    • We handle every detail of your booking
    • We are longstanding and trusted members of ETOA and UKInbound
  • Free Consultancy

    And most importantly, our service is completely FREE. We don’t charge a penny for providing your team with unlimited consultancy.

    • We put together a shortlist of the best restaurants to suit your itinerary and budget
    • We speak directly with every restaurant and arrange all the details
    • We take all the hassle out of invoicing, with one single payment
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