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Interview with Galvin at Windows Joo Won

Capital Centric interviews Joo Won

Capital Centric Stars - Chef Interview with Galvin at Windows' Joo Won

Capital Centric Stars - Chef Interview with Galvin at Windows' Joo Won

Joo Won

Head Chef - Galvin at Windows

As we welcome new restaurants and pubs to our portfolio we get to meet some fantastic restaurateurs, chefs, sommeliers and front of house teams. We've been showcasing their restaurants for the past few years so thought it about time we turned the spotlight onto the teams delivering the experiences to our groups.

In a series of short interviews we bring you a glimpse into the personalities of a few of those behind the scenes.

After graduating in industrial engineering, I had to find something else as I wasn’t enjoying anything about engineering. My Mother suggested to me to learn some pastry skills for a living while I am sitting at home and doing nothing.

Since then I loved every moment of being in this industry. I don’t want to say it is hard work, as in any job in any industry it is hard work when there are challenges and when things are constantly moving forward. I love the people, full of passion, drive and focus

It's important to me to have the right mind set of respecting nature & learning how to follow the rhythm of it - it makes me proud that I am one of those people.

My main Michelin career started 14 years ago at the restaurant Orrery. I moved to Galvin at Windows in 2006 as an opening team member, then I worked my way up to my current position which I have held since 2013.

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How would you describe working in your kitchen in 5 words?

Be respectful to the ingredients & to ourselves and making continual progress with the team

What’s the secret for managing successful group bookings?

Giving them exactly what they need!!!

What’s the most challenging part of your job?

Working with the team and leading them to help them become better than me!

The dish on your menu that you would eat every day?

Baked hake, Comté crust, pork belly & spicy cabbage

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What's the last dish you cooked for yourself?

Korean beef boulgogi, bowl of rice and kimchi

Favourite food from your childhood?

Fried Egg - might too simple, it is my very first memory of food as child at the age of 3. I still love fried egg.

Where's the last place you ate out?

Brat, very nice food and wine. And Very Good ££

What's your guilty food pleasure

Hot Chocolate fondant, melting centre with lots of vanilla ice cream

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Galvin at Windows is available to book for your group via Capital Centric

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